Blake Garden


Blake Garden


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Items in the Blake Garden Collection

Anson Stiles Blake
Owner of the Blake Estate until his death in 1959.

Blake Estate, Grotto
Grotto looking north.

Blake Estate, Landscape plan
Mabel Symmes's drawing for Blake Garden with property line, Edwin Blake home on left.

Anita Day Blake
Wife of Anson Stiles Blake and sister of Mabel Symmes.

Mabel Symmes
Sister of Anita Day Blake and original landscape architect of the Blake Estate.

Blake House
Early photo of Blake House from Edwin Blake's garden.

Mai Arbegast in Blake Garden
Mai Arbegast made use of Blake Garden while teaching a plants course at Berkeley and later became acting director.

Blake Estate, Grotto
An early photograph of the grotto illustrates how much the landscape has changed over the years.

Blake Estate, Lawsonite
Lawsonite outcropping on the Blake Property.

Blake Garden, Aerial Photograph
A 1957 aerial photograph of Blake Garden.